About Us

For more than 25 years, Bill Tillett & Craig Damewood Auctioneers has been Northern Virginia’s choice for selling property at auction. Their team has sold millions of dollars in personal property, real estate and equipment in Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland. From small antique auctions, to estate sales valuing several hundred-thousand dollars, Tillett & Damewood has maximized profits for hundreds of clients.

Tillett & Damewood joined together in 1985. They host live auctions on location, or at Tillett’s Auction Barn on Belmont Ridge Road in Ashburn, Va. This 4000 square foot facility provides ample parking in a location easily accessed by bidders in a densely populated portion of Loudoun County, Va.

As the Washington D.C. area has grown and evolved over the last quarter century, Tillett & Damewood Auctioneers has continued to be a pillar in the area’s auction industry and promises to remain one for years to come.


Since 1963, Bill Tillett has been calling bids and selling property at auction. Born and raised in Loudoun County, Tillett has deep roots in the Northern Virginia area. Tillett’s Auction Barn sits on the same property Bill and his family used to farm until recent years.

Bill is a member of the Virginia Auctioneers Association and graduated from Superior Auction School. He lives in Ashburn, Va with his wife Val.

Craig Damewood is as comfortable selling automobiles at some of America’s largest car auctions as he is marketing real estate across Northern Virginia. A Virginia State Champion Auctioneer, Craig has sold property at auction since 1978. Throughout his career he has always kept a firm knowledge on the value of real estate, antiques and equipment. A Loudoun County native and life-long resident, Craig has an avid interest in Loudoun antiques and supporting numerous community groups and associations.

Craig is proud to be a member of the Virginia Auctioneer Association’s Hall of Fame. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Virginia Auctioneers Association, and was proud to be the association’s president in 2004. Damewood was also awarded the Virginia Auctioneer of the Year award in 2002. He is an active member of the Virginia Auctioneer Association and National Auctioneer Association. A graduate of Reppert’s School of Auctioneering, he lives in Hillsboro, Va with his wife Laura.


Ike Swart joined Bill Tillett & Craig Damewood Auctioneers in 1996 after attending Long and Foster School of Auctioneering. Ike is an integral part of the auction team, having set-up and called bids at hundreds of successful sales. If you or your family ever has our team come by for an in-home item pick-up, you are likely to work with Ike to have your items transported to our auction site. He also sells cars for one of North America’s largest auto auction companies.

He is a member of the National Auctioneers Associaion and Virginia Auctioneer Association, having served on the latter’s Board of Directors. Swart lives in Leesburg, Va with his wife Heather and daughter Abbie.

After spending several years working as a television news reporter, Brian Damewood picked up the auction gavel. He graduated from Virginia Tech in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in Communication and a minor in Real Estate. Brian is in charge of managing Tillett & Damewood’s online & print marketing. He also helps manage the partnership’s Wednesday Night Auctions and sales involving live online bidding.

In January 2012 Brian was named Auctioneer of the Year by the Virginia Auctioneers Association. Like his father, Brian is also a Virginia State Champion Auctioneer — winning the crown in August 2012. He is also an active member of the National Auctioneers Association. A graduate of the World Wide College of Auctioneering in Mason City, Iowa. He is now living in Leesburg with his wife Catherine.

  • Ann Ray – Clerk/Cashier
  • Val Tillett – Clerk/Cashier
  • Gail Redmond – Clerk/Cashier
  • Richard de Butts – Bid Assistant/Auction Set-up
  • Chris Damewood – Bid Assistant
  • Tim Smearman – Bid Assistant
  • Andy Kelly – Bid Assistant
  • Jimmy Maddox – Bid Assistant